The Cabinet at its meeting on 30 June, 2010 approved the Fijian Affairs [Amendment] Decree 2010, which comes into effect forthwith.  The new law effectively replaces the word ‘Fijian’ or ‘indigenous’ or ‘indigenous Fijian’ with the word ‘iTaukei’ in all written laws, and all official documentation when referring to the original and native settlers of Fiji. 

  • All Fiji citizens are now called ‘Fijians’

  • It also requires all Government agencies to apply these changes in all their official communication in any form whatsoever. 

  • Accordingly, the following changes becomes effective forthwith:

Existing Title New Title



Fijian Affairs Act 

iTaukei Affairs Act

Fijian Development Fund Act 

iTaukei Development Fund Act

Fijian Trust Fund Act 

iTaukei Trust Fund Act

Ministry of Indigenous Affairs

Ministry of iTaukei Affairs

Fijian Affairs Board 

iTaukei Affairs Board

Fijian Trust Fund 

iTaukei Trust Fund

Institute of iTaukei Language and Culture

iTaukei Institute of Language & Culture

Fijian Development Fund Act  

iTaukei Development Fund Act


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