Bio Diversity

A 2 day symposium on BIODIVERSITY & TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE: LINKAGES FOR PRACTICAL EQUITABLE PARTNERSHIP was held on February 3rd, 2011 at Studio 6 conference room by the Department of environment and the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs.

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Qusi ni loaloa - Vanuavatu, Lau

The Ministry was fortunate to have been invited to document the visit of the Roko Sau, paramount of chief of the Toyota domain, to Vanuavatu Island.  The last Roko Sau to have visited Vanuavatu was four title holders ago.  The purpose of the Roko Sau’s visit was to formally reciprocate the role played by the Roko Sau’s traditional counselors in Vanuavatu during the traditional investiture of the current Roko Sau. A documentary dvd of the occasion will soon be available at the Ministry's iTaukei Institute of Langauge & Culture.

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Ministry Annual Corporate Plan 2011

The Prime Minister and Minister for iTaukei Affairs approves the adoption of the Ministry Annual Corporate Plan for 2011

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The Ministry of iTaukei Affairs will continue to ensure that the Government will develop, maintain and promote policies that will provide for the continued good governance and welfare of the iTaukei now and into the future.

Rebuilding confidence for Stability

  • Strengthening good governance.

  • Implementing Affirmative actions.

Rebuilding confidence for Growth

  • Structural reforms to promote competition & efficiency.

  • Rural and Outer Island Development


To provide a leadership role in the development of sound policies that will contribute to improving the social and economic well being of the iTaukei and is responsive to their aspirations to participate fully in all facets of life in Fiji.

To establish and maintain effective communication with all stakeholders.

To promote focused tertiary training and education opportunities for the iTaukei at all levels of society.

To develop and coordinate policies and strategies in the culture and heritage sector.

To maintain and protect cultural values and the iTaukei identity.

To ensure the conduct of best management practice in the organization of the business of the Ministry.


In the iTaukei custom, every transitional stage in a child’s life is celebrated. In particular the changes in a firstborn child are celebrated. Part of this is the naming of the child. In Nabobuco, Naitaisiri, they practice a traditional child naming ceremony called Kinikinibua, which is still practiced today.

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Sales of the iTaukei Monolingual Dictionary

The dictionary is unique for it has iTaukei entry words with iTaukei definitions, unlike most iTaukei dictionaries which are bi-lingual in nature.

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"iTAUKEI" now replaces "Fijian" and "Indigenous Fijian"

The cabinet approves the Fijian Affairs [Amendment] Decree 2010.

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